Everything You Need to Know About Australian Citizenship in 2024—What, Why, and How?

For many foreigners, their ultimate dream is to move abroad permanently. Additionally, foreigners need to get citizenship or permanent residency in the new nation. They want to live there forever.

A country’s citizenship is something that many people desire for a variety of reasons. Some simply enjoy the thought of being able to claim citizenship in a particular country, while others desire the freedom that accompanies it. For numerous others, it concerns their safety and sense of security. 

Every nation has different laws and requirements when it comes to becoming a citizen. Continue reading if you’re interested in obtaining Australian Citizenship.

In the upcoming text, you will get enough knowledge about this in detail.

What Are the Criteria for Eligibility for Applying for Australian Citizenship in 2024?

If Australia is your legal home country, then you are an Australian citizen. This might be the case because you applied for citizenship, were born in Australia, or were born to Australian parents.

For all intents and purposes, including taxation, Australia is regarded as your default country as an Australian citizen. For this reason, even though they are living abroad, an Australian citizen may, under certain circumstances, still be considered a tax resident.

Obtaining Australian citizenship is a crucial step in your immigration process.

You can demonstrate your continued commitment to Australia and its shared values by applying for Australian citizenship. Granting you and your family Australian citizenship enables the Australian community to pledge itself to you forever and continuously. It is a privilege that comes with a lot of benefits, which include the ability to obtain dual citizenship.

Australian Citizenship

How to Become an Australian Citizen?

The Australian Citizenship Act 2007 sets out the law on who is and how can become an Australian citizen. Australian Citizenship can be acquitted automatically or by application.

It includes some conditions:

  • Citizenship by birth
  • Citizenship by descent
  • Citizenship by adoption under a law in force in a State or Territory
  • Citizenship by conferral

Every country has its own rules and regulations for the citizenship criteria. Similarly, there are some different conditions that are mandatory to fulfil to get citizenship if you are a migrant.

Residency Requirement:

  • If you are a permanent resident for the past 12 months.
  • You must have had a valid visa and have been residing in Australia for the previous four years at the time of application.

Character Requirement:

You need to have moral integrity. The Department of Home Affairs will take into account your likelihood of following Australian law. This will check your ability to fulfil the additional obligations outlined in the citizenship pledge.

Knowledge Requirement:

You have to demonstrate that you know what it means to be an Australian citizen. You will have to take a citizenship test.

To pass the test you must:

  • answer 20 multiple-choice questions
  • answer all 5 of the Australian values questions correctly, and
  • get a mark of at least 75% overall.
  • an adequate knowledge of Australia and the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship
  • an understanding and commitment to Australian values based on freedom, respect, and equality.

But you’re not required to take the test if you’re 60 years of age or older.

Language Requirement:

As English is the national language of Australia then, you need to have a basic knowledge of English. You need to pass the Australian citizenship test in English.

Australian Citizenship

What Is the Importance of Australian Citizenship?

Whether you have acquired citizenship by birth or as a migrant. There are numerous benefits of Australian Citizenship.

Some of the key advantages of Australian Citizenship are mentioned below:

  1. Visa-Free Travel

For persons who love travelling then this is more beneficial to possess a passport with free visa travel. In general, an Australian passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. One can travel to 160 nations. In a few realms, there you will get a visa on arrival. So, there is no need to worry about the process of applying for a visa and then waiting for a long time for its approval.

  1. Government Jobs

Some other nationalities have the ability to fight for government jobs in Australia. But the limitation is their passport type. If you become an Australian Citizen you will be able to find federal government jobs here. 

For example, the Australian federal police and Australian Defence Force are two federal government agencies that only hire citizens of Australia.

  1. Right to vote

The citizens of Australia can participate in the political platform. You can not only vote for your favourite political party, but you can even decide to join a political party.

Even in Australia, it is compulsory to use your vote after attaining the age of 18 otherwise there will be a penalty or fine.

  1. No Risk of Deportation

If you are a migrant and have no permanent residency to live in Australia. Then you can be deported on finding threat to the security of the nation. But in the case of a permanent resident there is no such rule. But imprisonment of 12 months for finding such crime is the same for both.

  1. Government assistance

The Australian Foreign Ministry provides consular assistance to Australian Citizens around the world. So, if you ever face any accidents or other unforeseen crises where you can get help from authorities.

How You Can Apply for Australian Citizenship in 2024

If you want to apply for the Australian Citizenship test 2024 then you need to follow a process for this. This starts with fulfilling the eligibility and ends with the Australian Citizenship ceremony. But in the meantime, the main obstacle is qualifying for the test. 

So, when you find that you are eligible to apply, collect all the relevant documents and apply via offline or online mode. But you need to be very careful with the forms you are going to fill. Applicants between 18- 59 years of age must apply through Form 1300t, and applicants less than and 18 older than 59 should follow Form 1290.

However, those with a physical impairment or disability must also apply through Form 1290.

What Is the Role of an Australian Citizenship Test

There are multiple reasons for the Australian citizenship test, and there are compelling arguments for and against removing it. A summary is provided below:

Assess knowledge of Australian values and civics: The test aims to ensure applicants understand the Democratic system of Australia. The history, culture, and values like freedom, equality, and respect are associated with the country.

Promote social cohesion: The Australian Government wants to foster a sense of belonging and responsibility among new citizens. Therefore by requiring knowledge of shared values and norms on the Australian Citizenship test 2024, these things get clear.

Demonstrate commitment to citizenship: This exam shows the dedication and effort of the candidate to integrate into Australian society. Passing the test signifies an applicant’s willingness. 

Tips for preparing Australian Citizenship test in 2024

For cracking any exam or interview you need a strong practice. But one must choose to do practice with a strategic approach. You should follow some steps to prepare for the Australian Citizenship test in 2024.

Go Through the syllabus

You should check the online sources and go through the syllabus of the exam. As there will be questions regarding Australian values, history, and rules. You can also study the special booklet designed for this. This is named Our common bond. Here you can get the complete information.

Practice According to the Pattern

The most important thing to crack it is practice! Practice and Practice. After gathering your syllabus. Make proper strategies to cover the whole in repeated times. Even you need to revise it three to four times to get 75% marks.

Take Mock Test

There are many online apps or websites such as mycitizenshiptests, through which you can get the mock test practice set without any cost. So check and assess your performance by giving mock tests.

To Sum Up

To wind up the whole it can be concluded that for migrants clearing the Australian Citizenship test 2024 is beneficial. One can get a lot of facilities from the side of Government. It is also helpful to have the benefits of permanent residency in the associated country. But dedication and effort are necessary to complete the test for this. But no worries! There are lots of agencies from where you can learn about this exam. In less time you can cover the entire syllabus with such institutes. 

In other words, Australia is a wealthy nation with an economy that is steady and its citizens are amiable. Due to a lack of skilled labour, the nation—which welcomes immigrants from all over the world. It needs skilled labour from abroad to keep up with demand. If you wish to establish a life, settle down, and start a family in a new nation, you can endeavour to become an Australian citizen.

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