Australian Citizenship: Avail the Benefits of a Democratic Country’s Rights and Excellent Opportunities

Australia is a diverse country. A multicultural nation has over 270 ancestries. Since 1945 the country has welcomed nearly 7 million migrants. Getting an Australian Citizenship is an exciting and rewarding experience for migrants. People or students who have been living and studying in the nation for 4-5 years want to get citizenship to the country to be permanent residents. There are various ways to apply for the citizenship. To get the PR one needs to meet the specific criteria.

Test And Interview Are a Must to Pass 

To get citizenship in Australia country you must need to pass the exam and interview. In the test, you have to prepare for several topics. It will measure your knowledge of Australian history, culture, economy, geography, and Australian values of the political system. This test is conducted by the authorities to know how much you know about the nation, and how you can contribute to its economic growth.

What Are the Aspects to Know Regarding Clearing the Exam?

As I stated earlier if you are willing to get citizenship of the country you need to pass the exam. The test is conducted in English, so must understand the language well, whether it is speaking, reading, or writing. Many organizations and classes help individuals in preparing for exams. There are a lot of resources available so people can get help from them and get the best results in their preparations. These practice tests are the best way to test your knowledge and learn about the things related to your country.

What Are the Requirements to Meet with Residents of Australia?

To meet the requirements of Australia, you must complete the specific criteria. First, you have to live in the country on a lawful visa, and the time period should be for four years without any exceeding absence. This time will be 12 months. The last year of the visa needs to be on a permanent residence of the country, not a temporary one. There should be no absences of more than 90 days. The last 12 months should be regular.

Australian Citizenship

Besides meeting the Citizenship Australia residency requirements, the applicant must have knowledge of the English language age between years, and demonstrate a good character with zero criminal records. It is defined as enduring moral qualities. To get citizenship you must do your homework.

Unveiling The Advantages of Becoming An Australian Citizen

A sound number of benefits are associated with citizenship in Australia. Before diving into the details of perks you must know who can become the national of the country. Anyone living in Australia for four years is a permanent resident of Australia and can try for citizenship. There are other ways to get the citizenship of the nation. For example-

– Anyone born in the country to a permanent resident will become an Australian citizen.
– If one of the parents has a citizenship of Australia, and a child born overseas can be registered as a citizen by descent. The newborn will get the same rights and benefits as children born in Australia.
– If your spouse is an Australian.

Perks Of Becoming an Australian Citizen

Let’s take a deep dive into the brief guide-

1. Hassle-Free Traveling and Easy Re-Entry:

A permanent resident of the country can stay in the borders indefinitely. However, if you are willing to go overseas and want to be back in the country then you can re-enter Australia. All you need is to apply for a resident return visa every five years. If you get Citizenship Australia this helps in staying indefinitely in the country. You can re-enter whenever you want without any return visa.

Moreover, you can also live outside Australia in any other country as long as you wish to. The new arrival SmartGate facility makes it easy for the citizens of the country, they do not need to stand in queue at immigration counters.

2. Government And Defense Jobs:

One of the most prominent benefits of getting citizenship in Australia is that you can get government and defense jobs. PR gives you the right to be employed in most of the professional areas. But there are some jobs for which you need a nationality. So, being a citizen of the territory helps you grab the opportunity to work in the federal government sector. The list of jobs that need an Australian nationality is as follows Defence jobs in Australia, Federal police work jobs, Foreign Affairs Department, and the positions in various government departments.

3. Travel Over 169 Countries:

According to the reports, the Australian passport is the eighth strongest passport in Asia in terms of freedom in traveling. From February 2016 holders of a country passport can travel over 169 countries visa-free. You will also get a visa on arrival for many territories. It simply means that you don’t need to apply for a visitor or tourist visa to travel in those listed provinces.

4. Financial Help for Education:

Australian Citizenship is beneficial in every aspect whether it is for living life there, or pursuing a higher degree. Individuals can also get student loans and reduced fees in the country for eligible courses. Students cannot use the loan for any other purpose like accommodations or textbooks, it helps them to pay their student contribution amount.

Criteria For Applying for Australian Citizenship

After getting the info about the benefits associated with Australian nationality, it’s time to learn about the citizenship eligibility criteria. These are as follows-

A. You need to be the PR (Permanent Residence) of the country before applying for nationality.
B. Should not have been absent from the country for more than 1 year in total four years of the period.
C. One needs to pass the citizenship test.
D. You have to meet the good character requirement including passing the police checks and having zero criminal record history.

The fun fact is that you can also give up Australian citizenship after getting it if you don’t want to be part of your nationality.

No Risk of Deportation

Yes, without any doubt, the citizenship of Australia comes with the surety of a permanent stay. Even the PR person can be deported within a specific period of time after entry. If-

• In case of criminal conspiracy if the resident is sentenced to imprisonment for more than 12 months. In that case, the one is asked to leave the country or be deported by the authorities.
• PR individual who is considered a  threat to the territory also can be deported after being proven guilty.
• For citizenship individuals have to prove the certificate of good character. If they are failed to do they can be deported from the country.

However, if you have the citizenship of the territory then you will not be deported from the country regardless of the severity of their crimes or any other serious punishment they get for the crime.


People who have permanent residency in Australia or living for four years and are willing to apply for Australian Citizenship need to pass the exam. Along with the test you also have to meet the requirement and eligibility criteria. For this, you need to do your homework. One needs to learn about the course of the test and understand other aspects which is important to get nationality. With the help of our Australian Citizenship Support team, you can achieve your goal of getting citizenship in Australia and enjoy the immense and amazing benefits of the country.

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